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Access control system with keypad and RFID key fob reader

WLAN-enabled stand-alone solution enables secure access via PIN code or RFID transponder to side entrances, garages and service rooms.

One can choose between different surfaces for the front panel to match the environment. In addition to brushed stainless steel, other coatings and colors are available from stock, for example with a bronze and titanium look as well as DB 703 iron mica and RAL 7016 anthracite grey. Thanks to the weatherproof housing, the device can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted both indoors and outdoors. If required, the stand-alone solution can be integrated into an existing home automation or alarm system.

The multifunctional access control system A1121 is equipped with two relays and can open two doors or gates. Access is controlled by entering PIN codes on the illuminated keypad or using the multi-frequency RFID reader with a key fob. Different schedules and actions can be defined for each PIN code and RFID transponder in order to grant authorized persons individual access. An integrated manipulation sensor can also detect when the device is removed and send a push message to the administrator. All functions are configured remotely using the free DoorBird app or the web-based administration tool.

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